Atri-Design ❤️ new range for styling and finishing

Sep 20, 2022

Cosmetics Lab Milano completes the Atricos Milano professional line by introducing On the market Atri-Design, a new family of styling and finishing products in the name of Made in Italy.

“The need – explains Valeria Scala, head of Marketing Cosmetics Lab Milano – was to expand the number of references, introducing products dedicated to styling and finishing to give a complete range to Atricos partners and in the meantime give customers a continuity of professional service at home. We ensure that science and art embrace each other every day to marry the value of beauty. We do it carefully, with passion. And this is our wealth”.

This is how Atri-Design was born, a range made up of products that give a touch of style to the hair, following the trends of the moment.


Déjà vu Hair Spray, an extra strong hairspray with an inebriating fragrance thanks to the heavenly notes of grapefruit flowers, is certainly a particular product. Moisture resistant, dries quickly and is easy to remove. Ensures the fixing of the fold, with a natural effect and without residues, and supports the hair for a long time during the day.

“Continues Valeria Scala, we focus a lot on this product because the classic hairspray is one of the most requested products by professionals in the haircare sector. We have created an elegant packaging with a strong visual impact. To differentiate ourselves from other products on the market, the packaging features a current image but inspired by the past: a dreamy model. The female image, albeit stylized, was the icon of this product in the 80s. And now that those years have somehow returned to the limelight, we wanted to draw inspiration from they reproposing a modern photo of a woman with wild, fashionable hair. Hence the name Déjà-vu An important work has also been done on the fragrance. The fragrance of grapefruit flowers awakens the senses and is liked even by those who generally do not like the citrus notes because they are very delicate and particular”.

Atricos Eco Hair Spray is a gas-free hairspray, with instant hold, ideal for defining all types of styling from the most extreme to the simplest ones, giving a luminous effect and maintaining a satisfactory duration. From the fresh and heady fragrance of grapefruit flowers, once applied to the hair this lacquer forms a polishing and protective patina that envelops the hair protecting it from humidity and frizz, without weighing it down. Created from an ecological formula, it dries quickly and is easily removed with a brush without leaving any residue.

Then there is Atricos The Mousse, a restructuring conditioner with the soft and sugary fragrance of milk and blackberry. The presence of a mix of ricinoleates creates a three-dimensional structure which, adhering to the hair, hydrates it and makes it shinier.

Atri-Design also includes Atricos Glossy Wax Fifth Ave, strong hold glossy wax, and Atricos Matt Wax, extra-strong hold matte wax, and two gels: Atricos Modeling Gel Fifth Ave with strong hold and Atricos Bomb Gel with extra-strong hold.


Two products for the finish: Atricos Shimmering Crystals, a polishing product with a delicate floral fragrance, created to fix the crease for a long time, making the hair shiny and silky and Atricos Just One, a versatile and multi-function product. Not a “simple” heat protectant but an effective concentrate that disciplines, has a reinforcing, anti-frizz and detangling action, repairs damaged hair, protects from the heat of straighteners and hair dryers and from the sun’s rays, carries out a profound antioxidant action, prevents split ends, shines and moisturizes.

“We have already received very positive opinions from our beta-testers as well as customers for this product. The innovative formula associated with a fluid but creamy texture makes it a “must have” of leave-on hair cosmetics. Twelve functions in a single product, give life to the name Just One (precisely). The fragrance is characterized by the scent of macadamia nuts and coconut flowers, leaving an intense enveloping pleasure that has already conquered those who have used it. It is used as a thermo -protector before drying or using the straightener, but it is also very comfortable to take on holiday by the sea or in the mountains to protect hair from the sun’s rays”, concludes the Manager.



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