Permanent coloring cream with low ammonia content


Stylish Hair Colors, permanent coloring cream, is the result of the Atricos Milan laboratories’ experience and research. Based on Restructuring Complex technology, which involves the use of micro-pigments at their hightest degree of purity (99%), it guarantees bright, even colors. It’s an oxidizing cosmetic treatment enriched with restructuring and conditioning agents (vegetable keratin, Argan oil, prickly pear oil) and repairing agents (natural origin polysaccharides and biopolymers), which create a film on the and they guarantee perfect coverage of grey hair during the color process.


The micro molecules penetrate deeply into the hair, and their intensity ensures 50% longer-lasting color. These pigments, including with the dark and red shades, do not absorb into the skin. Atricos products use plant keratin for its hydrating and nourishing properties. It consists of glycine and corn proteins, which are very effective in rebuilding, detangling, and strengthening the hair fibers. It also reduces scalp irration and prevent the hair shaft from weakening.


1) The low ammonia content opens the scales sufficiently to let the color pigments penetrate without excessively attacking the hair. This mechanism, supported by the innovative formula of the product, allows the hair to incorporate not only the pigments but also the conditioning and restructuring active ingredients present in the dye, making the hair healthy and vigorous. Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, it acts deeply on dry, brittle hair, making it stronger and healthier.


1. Covers 100% of the grey hair with long-lasting color. 2. Lifts up to 2/3 levels. 3. Stable tones and brilliant color. 4. Protects skin and hair. 5. Extraordinary cosmetic action, precise and safe results with every application.


IMPECCABLE RESULT Furthermore, its regenerative and restructuring properties promote


Different ingredients depending on the nuance.

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Naturals, Ash, Beige, Sand, Irise, Golden, Warm Brown, Cold Brown, Copper, Copper Intense, Mahogany, Copper Mahogany, Red, Violet, Super Lighteners


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